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Spend Within Our Means

  • Ensure the city  operates efficiently and is managed effectively.  By working together, we will develop Edmonton into a more sustainable city that provides better services to citizens by being disciplined in spending and making sure every dollar spent adds value to our residents.

  • Work collaboratively with every ward to enhance the functioning and liveability of Edmonton for all citizens by budgeting and spending responsibly and being accountable to those we represent. 

  • Provide fiscal responsibility at City Hall which is essential for Edmonton's future.

Represent Your Voice

  • It is the responsibility of city councillors to know the unique needs of their constituents through active engagement and to reflect those needs accurately in all decisions councillors make.

  • Successful change comes from a leader who truly listens, learns and collaborates then advocates for their constituents with communities and businesses.

  • As councillor for papastew, I will listen and engage with residents to strengthen our community.


  • I believe in meaningful consultation and transparency in decision-making.

  • City councillors are responsible for knowing the unique needs of their constituents through active engagement and reflecting those needs accurately in all decisions they make.

  • I will operate ethically and with integrity and hold myself accountable to residents.


Community Support

  • Commit to end homelessness -- it takes a community working together.

  • By streamlining existing services, improving communication and working together to support vulnerable persons, we can ensure the proper support is available.



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