I respectfully acknowledge that we are on Treaty 6 territory, a traditional meeting grounds, gathering place, and travelling route to the Cree, Saulteaux, Blackfoot, Métis, Dene and Nakota Sioux. I acknowledge all the many First Nations, Métis, and Inuit whose footsteps have marked these lands for centuries.


Edmonton or Amiskwaciwâskahikan (the Cree name for the city meaning “Beaver Mountain House”)

James Cameron
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Running to be your next City Councilor for Ward papastew.



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Councillor to Serve All of papastew

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James Cameron is running in the new Ward papastew (Pronunciation: PAH-PAH-STAY-OH) 

The name of this new Ward, along with the others, were gifted to the City by iyiniw iskwewak wihtwawin (Indigenous Ward Naming Knowledge Committee)

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James was born in Edmonton and has lived in the community of Garneau for over 30 years. Together with his wife Linda, they have three children, who are in high school and university.


As an active volunteer and long-time business owner and operator, James will bring a depth of expertise and leadership experience. 

James is an active volunteer and supporter of various organizations across the city. As a volunteer, he is involved in fundraising for the Golden Bears Alumni Football Association, served as chairperson for Friends of Strathcona Football Society at Strathcona High School, coached football, rugby and hockey, and served as the Garneau Community League liaison to the University of Alberta and on the Building Committee for Crystal Kids.  

As a successful business owner and operator with a background in construction and engineering, James is skilled at planning, budgeting, making tough decisions and working collaboratively.

James is committed to building strong and diverse communities in Edmonton by budgeting responsibly, spending within our means and being accountable to residents while continuing to improve city services.



Spend Within Our Means

  • Ensure the city operates efficiently and is managed effectively.  By working together, we will develop Edmonton into a more sustainable city that provides better services to citizens by being disciplined in spending and making sure every dollar spent adds value to our residents.

  • Work collaboratively with every ward to enhance the functioning and livability of Edmonton for all citizens by budgeting and spending responsibly and being accountable to those we represent. 

  • Provide fiscal responsibility at City Hall which is essential for Edmonton's future.

  • Fair and simple tax reform. Would vote against increased property and business taxes.

  • Lead all civic employee’s to adopt best mark spending practices.

Represent Your Voice

  • It is the responsibility of city councillors to know the unique needs of their constituents through active engagement and to reflect those needs accurately in all decisions councillors make.

  • Successful change comes from a leader who truly listens, learns and collaborates then advocates for their constituents with communities and businesses.

  • As councillor for papastew, I will listen and engage with residents to strengthen our community.

  • Focus on infrastructure maintenance.

  • Improve transit - provide simple, consistent and efficient service that really works!

  • Enforce city by-laws so that neighbourhoods are safer, building sites are maintained and major streets are cleaner.

  • Lower the city’s carbon emissions, reduce waste and eliminate single use plastics.


  • I believe in meaningful consultation and transparency in decision-making.

  • City councillors are responsible for knowing the unique needs of their constituents through active engagement and reflecting those needs accurately in all decisions they make.

  • I will operate ethically and with integrity and hold myself accountable to residents.


Community Support

  • Commit to end homelessness -- it takes a community working together.

  • By streamlining existing services, improving communication and working together to support vulnerable persons, we can ensure the proper support is available.

  • Promote and support local business. Support the creation of a South Edmonton BEER Street District in the Ritchie Community with responsible, inclusive, community friendly festivals and events that become an annual attraction. 

  • Attract people to live and work in Edmonton. Having people working in health care, education, technology, and service sectors in Ward papastew promotes the vibrant 15 minute city. 

  • Implement affordable, accessible and inclusive child care by working with other levels of government. 






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Empire Park


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Queen Alexandra

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